A Lonely Life A Coming

A Lonely Life A Coming


I can see a lonely life a coming.
A Lonely Life A Coming
I can see a lonely wife a going.
I know she will be happy where she’s a going.
Oh how lonely she is, though, while she’s a going.
Oh how her loneliness is a showing.

Because of something she heard one day, she called home a crying.
She sounded as if she was a dying.
That’s when her loneliness started.
I was afraid it was because of something I had done.
Instead it was in spite of all I had done.
There was nothing I could do this time.
I couldn’t make it right.
I couldn’t even help.
All I could do was was try and be supportive.

I see a lonely life a coming.
I’ll be losing my one and only.
When she is gone I will be so sad and lonely,
‘Cause I’ll be all alone.
I’ll have no support but that’s all right,
‘Cause I’m gonna be her support, her solid rock while she is here anytime–
and every time that she needs me to be .

I see a lonely life a coming.
I see a lonely wife a going.
She’s a going on alone.
We are both sad at this development in our relationship.
We hoped to spend many more years together.
Now it looks as though they will be very few.

Yes I see a lonely life a coming for my daughter and me.

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