With All My Love (Double Acrostic)

With All My Love


Whispers of love waltzing, to glittering motes of finest snoW
Immigrating valleys of Himalayas—fleeting south New DelhI
Twirling euphoria of togetherness, this life’s memorable parT
Heartwarming tale of adoration–erupting toward lovers’ patH

Arousing scent of Arabia constantly evoke such exquisite aurA
Let alone rekindled vital flames to frosted heart long since dulL
Love gives wings—to surmount aching heart of primal turmoiL

Mellifluous promises outdated nostalgic tinged of romanticisM
Yesteryear’s remembrance bathed by lover’s grandeur honestY

Lethargic heartbeat undersign brown-eyed tear beyond controL
Ocean of sorrow sailed away; conquer by sensuous joy of {I dO}
Vividly as two become one, amid lasting cadence of Mazal ToV
Emancipated lovers vow {Maan Ela Al Abad,With All My LovE}.


*Taj Mahal is situated about 200 km south of New Delhi
*Maan Ela Al Abad is an Arabic phrase meaning together forever
*Mazal Tov means good luck or congratulations

*Double Acrostic Poetry is where the first and last letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title.

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