Wishing On A Star

Wishing On A Star

by JOSEPH BRYANT (Italian Stallion)

Here I am all alone,
Wishing on a star.
When everyone comes home,
It’s me on my own.
City lights now glowing,
From vibrant red to green.
Snow gently falling,
A wonderful sight to see.

When Christmas comes to town,
You’ll hear a joyful sound.
Children run and play,
How I’d wish they stay.
Music playing loud,
With families all around.
It’s hard to be alone,
With all this Christmas cheer.

Letters to Santa,
Children always write.
Hoping for the best toys
To come overnight.
What a thrill it must be on the night of Christmas Eve
Knowing Santa’s on his way.

Waking up early,
Running to the tree.
Great anticipation,
I can’t wait to see.
The family gathers round
Happy as can be.
That’s all I want when Christmas comes to town.


© Copyright 2008 By: Italian Stallion

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