All I do both night and day is love you,
Emptying my thoughts of everything but you,
And both night and day all I desire is you,
Making myself new into what you want to see.

So, do remember me in all your blissful days.
Sleep until you rise with morning in your heart –
Some lovers find peace in death to save you,
But my love requires enough a thousand breaths.

Keep on living until death knocks on your door.
Dream until you’re never.
Believe in things to last without worry.
Believe in better, deny worse –
For beyond life and death there is a treasure
For love’s a loss you cannot reimburse.

Beyond love we find a unique pleasure –
A cure that which mended broken hearts.
A thousand words which mean the world until we meet;
Never separate, together, apart.

Although this love for life has a hatred,
There is a cure in which we shall soon mend.
Life’s not ending – it does not end with death –  
It begins with a smile, a breath.
You with love and hopefulness sustain –
Even so, shall I with you remain?

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