These Are the Days

These Are the Days

by JOSEPH BRYANT (Italian Stallion)

Here I am in the distance
kissing the night away.
Shedding tears, still believing,
while up above the stars glow.

Close my eyes; I see our compassion
warm against my aching heart.
These are the days,
the hardest days I’ll know.

There are times that sadden me,
alone I sit, just thinking of you
and as the days pass on and on,
I fight a battle within my heart.

All the while, a world in motion
flying right past like a rocket.
These are the days,
The hardest days I’ll know.

So I’ll say a prayer, and dream you here,
watching the stars till morning bright.
And when all my memories have faded away,
the days will just keep going on and on.

Close my eyes, I see our compassion
engraved forever from deep within.
These are the days,
The hardest days I’ll know.


© Copyright 2010 By: Italian Stallion

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