The Girl That’s Out of Reach

The Girl That’s Out of Reach

by JOSEPH BRYANT (Italian Stallion)

Butterflies take over my thoughts
removing the sadness within.
I turn to the photo
to let out a sigh,
even my heart must cry.
A smile for the girl out of reach
as I peer into the sky.

Soaked with tears
from the moonlit sky,
I’ll softly sing her song.
I’ll embrace her warmth
from this place from deep within.
I’ll smile for the girl that’s out of reach
as I peer into the vivid blue sky.

Some say it’s a miracle
that I just keep on living,
but I simply say it’s her
that makes me keep going.
Her memories are all around me
embracing my heart, and for me that’s all I need.

I know she’s watching, even listening down,
wishing and kissing the world won’t frown.
I turn to her photo and let out a sigh,
turn to the sky and smile,
smile for the girl out of reach.

They say love can kill or simply make your world
but for me it’s neither when I’m all alone,
smiling for the girl that’s out of reach.


© Copyright 2010 By: Italian Stallion

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