Sweet Child of Gaza

Sweet Child of Gaza


Oh sweet child of Gaza
Today, you have escaped
Another day of yesterdays
To kneel alive
Upon the sorrow of your domain.
Broken, doubtful,
Lost beyond our mortal eyes
Within the shapeless forlorn.
Terrified to go to sleep
Afraid to dream…
Just longing alone for easeful dawn
To enter your soul with its nurturing rays
For balm to your eyes are only the
Farewells of Life,
Whispered through
The sullen gloom of fallen bombs

But you must leave
The crimson echoes of your past behind
Take a step onward,
Move out
From the forgotten corner of
Humanity’s stage,
Forget the days of nevermore
Be your vacant existence
Filled with love again…




Let your tears stream,
Onto the ground they must descend
To make moist with the dust of time
And from the nourishing clay of tomorrow
Life’s primrose will grow
And bloom on the distant hills of evermore
Where unborn children play
Filling the air with sweet songs
As they wait for their forthcoming mother’s
Loving embrace,
Wrapped in garlands of blooming peace…

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