I see the joy that life brings to drown this endless pain,
a mere memory that breaks the heartaches that remain.

The joy that brought the endless love to give this heart relief
will always soothe our broken dreams and heal our carnal grief.

For in this world, what sense is there to love those that impart
the formidable agony upon this mortal heart?

What logical endurance have I to sustain each breath?
To rise up in my weakest hour and fight the war of death?

Have I no reason to believe those that forsake
the paramount will of love to cause this fast heartache?

What love seek I, sweet paradise, to take away the woe?
The love I long for, oh my God, love lost so long ago.

The mortal heart that yearns for peace and freedom to return,
will watch the dawn spark light with love and see the hatred burn.

Oh freedom that I long for to spare me the strife,
give love to this divided heart for love alone is life.

Love alone is life, the freedom that divides
self pity from the soon-awakened bliss.
What love have I to give, a sacrificial kiss,
that brings the advent love to rest with Thee.

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