Little Green Riding Hood

Little Green Riding Hood


Little green riding hood is back,
to bring her grandma a little snack.

She’s not afraid of scary things,
she actually loves the rush it brings.

The sharpest teeth could draw her near,
for she’s not afraid to persevere.

Instead of running like Miss Red,
she’ll befriend the wolf instead,
and ask him…

“Would you like to dance?”
but could he possibly take that chance?

The wolf will laugh at her and say,
“This isn’t a game I’d like to play,
I ate your grandmother, Miss Green,
why? Because I’m just that mean.
And if you want to stand and laugh,
it’s only danger on your behalf,
’cause unlike you, I would be scared,
and mostly likely, be prepared,
but since I’m not, then that’s okay,
I’ll just eat you anyway.”

But let me tell you how this story goes,
’cause Miss Red sure doesn’t know.

After Miss Green had quickly stated,
“Grandma, what big ears you have!”
the wolf just simply sat and waited.

“What big eyes you have there, too.”
The wolf just stared at her with hunger,
impatient, for he didn’t feel younger.
“And what big teeth you have!” she finished,
as the wolf’s patience diminished,
“better to eat you with, my dear!”

And so to end this dreadful story,
I must do it in a hurry,
and say Miss Green was in disguise,
and the wolf met his demise.

As Miss Green came out the winner,
she had herself a wolf steak dinner.

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