Physically; Emotionally Battered

Physically; Emotionally Battered

by JOSEPH BRYANT (Italian Stallion)

At eighteen years of age,
Defining all the adversities.
Fellow soldiers engaged
With orders to amnesties.

Insanity nearing
On the brink of reality.
Explosions and blood searing,
Through what I actually see.

Recognizing voices from afar
United as one; band of brothers.
Rescued to safety, penetrating scars
Physically; emotionally battered by others.

Recovery now a must,
While I’m back home.
Pondering whom to trust
My eyes fastly roam.

Nightmare upon nightmare,
Vivid images flash within.
Memories of pain and gore,
I must now throw in the bin.

The life I once had now gone,
Left behind for the dust to take.
Home at last, singing heartfelt songs,
Tears of joy quenching my ache.


© Copyright 2009 By: Italian Stallion

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