One Perfect Sunrise

One Perfect Sunrise


Autumn’s unruly skies,
one fleeting morn
breathed in strings of incense,
woods tingled and sighed
as leaves fell down,
soaked but trodden together.
Only the tree could listen
their cries on
touching plashy heath…

To feel till my heart’s content
I wanted to metamorphise
into a tree, to feel, to listen,
for my body
will drop to earth tomorrow.

But a perfect sunrise, next day
came at my window
with its sighs and murmurs
in muted ecstasy throbbed
my ramshackled heart , its
fresh blossom smells,
and wood-lark trills
to which there seemed no end,
inebriating me, as I lay
entranced with atmosphere
bathed in this shining, radiant light..

Ere, I was aware
my former thoughts, vaporised
with this perfect sunrise…

© Copyright Mouris Bashir 2009

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