My eyes embraced beauty by night

My eyes embraced beauty by night

by JOSEPH BRYANT (Italian Stallion)

It is beauty by night that you have often embraced,
looking in amazement your passion casts down, ready to undress;
this bud of love by summer’s ripening breath,
may prove a beauteous flower when next we meet.

Black as night, the endless sea, it is curiously beautiful…
by night, even the sky’s eyes give a loving glance.
untouched by love, nature’s lips are softly fading,
embracing the silent pearl; staring by night by day.

Loving glances pierce subdued black as night darkness,
laying by pure beauty while grieving for your love.
Softly the sky waves pastels amidst its endless canvas,
painting beauty – a pearl necklace on your bare neck.


for Old English version


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