My Black Dress

My Black Dress


In the far corner of my closet
my black dress awaits me patiently,
never worn- for I despise this dismal color.
No, I much prefer the cheerful ones:
red, orange, green, turquoise
in soft and silky fabrics
upon my grateful skin.
It reflects my temperament,
for I have a joy for life
displayed abundantly.
There are those who might say
it is easy to smile
when Lady Luck is riding
beside you always.
The ignorant ones…
For they do not know
one only learns to truly
be happy with all one’s being
and appreciate life to its full extent
after having touched upon
the darkest corners
of our existence.
I have my cross,
just don’t flaunt it,
for we all have one
and blessed are those,
who know,
the true lesson of life
is to accept all
and be grateful still,
for life does not owe us anything.
If ever this feeling should leave me,
that has been with me from day one
[waking up on Christmas morning]
I will wear my black dress
and join the ones I love so dearly,
awaiting me
on the other side.

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