Music in the Night

Music in the Night


Staring out of my window,
as I listen to the sky:
an illustrious song fills the air.
Echoic–emitting from a distant
smile, yet untuned to the beating
of my heart … I wonder.

Wispy memories enshroud
the night–constantly evoking
heavy eyelids–drowned in an
agony of despair.
Muted stars are my only witness
… I cry.

Longing for the restfulness
of home and twilight glow;
of your eyes, as I lay
and melt to your voice,
that lulls me to sleep
… I yearn.

Beneath the lonely moon,
I still hear you sing to me;
upon the sighing trees,
I still hear you sing to me
(I still hear you sing to me).

Last few breaths worsen my pain
tears at last, succumb
to the winds of change–
my destination has come into view.
As my body lowers to the ground,
I beg for forgiveness.

Calm as a child, in dreamless slumber–
I still hear you sing to me;
upon the torn pages, of sweet summer’s memories,
I still hear you sing to me
(I still hear you sing to me).

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