Lead Me Through Oblivion

Lead Me Through Oblivion


Fear touches the strings of my heart
luring out the silent cries from the mist of language
and into the world this poem shall soar
to utter my deep suffering…

As Dusk embraces the sky
my howling dream draws closer from the fevered night.
And I see things that I should not see,
tragedies of mankind, fruits of the Sorrow Tree.
I see the marching men dressed in black,
the legion of doom they are of the dead
moving forward at His will,
ready to burn Life’s domain.

Balm to my eyes were the sweet dreams of children,
the wishes of their hearts that we will become a better kind.
But now, my visions are sown with Dust
as my soul weeps with the moon, up above…

And I see flowers,
innocent petals scattered on razor wires
dear hopes of our transpiercing tomorrow
torn one by one and
into the hands of death they are fallen.
I see the mothers’ endless tears are pouring as they are pray
to touch Faith’s impenetrable veil,
trying to change the course of their cruel fate

Oh dear night,
this unholy pilgrimage I can no longer take!
Harvest these reverberating dreams,
the fearful echoes of my conscious mind.
Lead me through oblivion and blind me with ignorance
for it seems this is the only way to happiness

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