Laced With Love

Laced With Love

by JOSEPH BRYANT (Italian Stallion)

Floral attire embraces soft vibrant skin,
with goldened rope laced upon the neck.
Resplendent showcased diamonds revealed –
her painted red fingertips accented with yellow.

Smiles escaped her refined gentle face
gesturing a warm welcome for him to see,
as her soft tender voice whispered,
“Love’s what we’ll become.”

Her velvet smiles never left him,
he’ll cherish those blissful moments forever.
Etched amongst his heart lies her name
where eternity is sought and embraced.

Lustful touches run across her inked name,
tasteful kisses occupy her glistening lips,
as his tough deep voice whispered,
“Love’s what we became.”

© Copyright 2009 By: Italian Stallion

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