It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night


It is a tale
that began one silent night
hushed by falling snow
wispy flakes of pristine white
had wrapped the world in an icy embrace
cloaked trees in ermine coats..

Under the Deodar tree
I waited for her,
She came from the dark
like a wandering breeze
on feet, light as dew
she was one with the moons
mysteries, timeless fascination
upon man’s ignorant eyes.
I first spoke out
patiently she heard,
and acquiesced…

The cold winds from PirPanjal
cocooned us around,
barren freezing street
Uttered barely a sound
still, music there was in air
that we heard;
Hesitant not, I gaze unto the radiance
of her eyes, felt drawn
as if she awaited touch of my lips

Her lips met mine
for a brief eternity,
we two kissed
together felt warmth
of our own little bliss
Her voice heard in silent embrace
“Forget not this gentle embrace
for I leave you never.
Live not in the Joys of things
shine light upon darkness of things to be.
And taste each sweet breath that is given
in your soul’s dance.”

And drifted back
this muse of mine,
who kissed my soul so very long ago.
And in such pallid rest,
From some higher sphere –
looking down
“Knowing how we two had loved
Many and many a year ago?”

And in some tranquil nights
when darkness ceases to be
I hear her voice
in my soul’s embrace…


*Deodar is a tree that grows mainly in Kashmir
*PirPanjal is a mountain range in Kashmir

© Copyright Mouris Bashir 2009

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