In the Silence

In the Silence


Heat, like a blanket,
covers the slumbering meadow.
The lake lies motionless,
reflecting a perfect blue sky
and a barefoot woman,
walking on its bank.
Cautious steps she takes,
to protect the little beings
living in between the
soft blades of grass.

That woman is me.

So many years it took me,
to be able to enjoy
my own company.

In the silence,
I found something precious:
when the mind stops rushing
from experience to experience
and one starts to reflect upon one’s self,
inner peace is born.
The presence of God is felt,
inside and outside
of this temporary home,
once given by Him.

Walks like these
are a way now,
of getting closer to Him
and be one with All.

Earth truly is a paradise,
to all who are able to see.

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