In Somebody’s Company

In Somebody’s Company


If only you knew where I go
when I think of you,
upon these hills,
that front unto these beaches…

Where people walk amongst the sands
of hollow ground, looking up to see
the stars so radiant in space.

But, what is this
which I see within your eyes –
a love, a heart, a dream?

Those graceful memories
in which a day in time
will last throughout eternity.

Between the brink of everything
that I know, is where I stand,
to see the sunset and the sunrise.

But see transcendence through these words,
elation through your eyes, the sound of heaven rings
within my ears when I hear you verbalize,
but love, darling… how does one measure it?

For mine is a love beyond the understanding;
the beat of the heart in which it symbolizes
the shortest words to mean ever so grateful.
Within these walls, these eyes, this life…
is where I am to be; with you.

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