by JOSEPH BRYANT (Italian Stallion)

Defiance – the hunger of survival. Followed. Murdered.
The tidings of intelligent activity (derailed; recycled.)
Individual hunger lingers in the depths of the woods;
searching for shelter, hunting for food – voracious.

A community of hearts
torn apart

The massacres evolve… with ravenous games,
while the chambers of hell extend regular flames.
Survival amongst death despite endless starvation,
they fight for their lives; God’s faithful creation.

There’s freedom sought with…

and hope

defining worlds humanity;

Adversary: artificial pursuit arranged, scouted then degaged,
the Einsatzgruppen hunted, laughing at the pleasure they gained.
Slaughtering house – chambered then gassed or lined and executed,
a distinguished existence now altered: described as “The Holocaust.”

© Copyright 2009 By: Italian Stallion


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