Dead and Gone

Dead and Gone


Fading like a flower
on the highway of my secret life,
clouded by tarnished memories
-of broken promises and masquerades

I could not save you, from the
-falling silent of conscience
stumbling, breaking on regrets…
(Darling, do yourself a favor, let it go.)

Perhaps, rescue those haggard memories
drowning amid rivers of your lies,
and extirpate impure thoughts
that are tattooed on your mind.

I remember how you used to be
my four letter word, you would
-shut the stars and bury them beneath
the waning moon–to resurrect
my outshined once timeless beauty…

But…my fantasy gone sober
your eyes, no longer
like the living colors of my dreams

the Machiavellian scent of your
tongue injured the very air I breathe,
like a deadly butterfly
soaring into the skies
of undying lust and ambition–
to play my fragile heart,
… inescapably…

Eleventy one seconds before my
lungs collapsed, my heart–feebly lying
on a deathbed not ready for love’s deadly venoms.
My pen started to bleed a thousand stings
of pain, and a million ways of how
I loved you, until the horizon swells up
while on the burying ground,
…a crystalline muse to be found.

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