Gifted by the Breath of the One
a newborn blessed with the purest heart.
But beware,
within his precious earthly shell,
there is this mysterious shadow called
~human nature~ as well.

As he climbs the ladder of time
promising choices will arise
soon a young man, at crossroads he stands.
There are many avenues to proceed
hold by Fate’s hand is diverse destinies.
But which is the path that must be taken?

Listen to your soul,
instead of your shadows,
choose the path that is novel
and looks difficult.
The road will be long
through thorns of experience,
yet rewarding,
for each deep cut you take
they will make you a better man
Capture this great accomplishment,
and your light will last
till eternity.

Remember your Giver,
have courage my dear friend!
Paths that are inviting and tattered,
no longer offer treasures of salvation
only hiding thefts awaiting
to rob you from your Breath.
A shell full of shadows
on Life’s journey
will fast descend,
lead you into
dark oblivion.

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