Beauty Never Fades

Beauty Never Fades



The stars above the city aren’t shimmering tonight,
but the golden I perceive isn’t hallowed.
Your elegance is most pervading, an entity perfectly winsome,
but beneath this arsenic midnight sky,
I find I am at a struggle to completely comprehend your elysian beauty.

Among the fallow sands round thousand sapphire tides,
I find jubilation within the ostentatious delicacy of your splendor,
in an era that goes beyond felicity.
If at most you were to capture this luster
in the framework of your mind,
then at most you would know nothing of the sanctity
your being throws at me.


When I watch the carmine sunset with an abiding, glary mirth,
I feel an everlasting freedom of the beauty of this earth.
The lavender gray pebbles on this reclusive windswept beach,
show the love of God with glory when He sent His Son to teach.

On the hollow ground beneath the ocean’s tide,
sunken ships have turned to rust, but the beauty still abides.
Above the yellow seashore sands, where charm masquerades,
the stars again begin to shimmer, for beauty never fades.

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