Beauty in Wrath

Beauty in Wrath


In silence and confinement
resides his soul’s merriment
upon the crescentic dunes
Where memories lay unsown

Balmy days and moonlit nights
watch falcons fly out of sight
while the waves of virgin sands
unfold the unknown at hand

Skyline’s magic shade and hue
observing nights soaked with dew
be not the prophesied harms
but simple unstudied charms

Fifty years later…

Dressed up in brazen facades
of wrath amassed for decades
from cataclysmic bloodsheds,
and murders for mighty greed

Constant death with absent fear
Seeds of peace growing fainter
How many lives could be saved?
How many lies must you rave?

Grant this place an end to war
restore its legend and lore
we’re the children of this zeal
our own land you shall not steal


Syllable counts: 7/7/7/7
Rhyme scheme: aabb, ccdd,eeff, and so on…

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