Ashes of Time

Ashes of Time


Soft sand caresses my feet,
as I tread the virgin beach.
Seagulls fight over a lump of bread;
leftovers of happy souls who left their mark
on my beloved sanctuary.
The sun climbs in hues of tangerine and yellow,
to illuminate yet another day in paradise.

How I wish I could still admire this rebirth
with yesterday’s eyes,
when the warmth of his love still
fueled the fire deep within
and there was magic in all I witnessed.
Our perception of reality
is tainted by our state of mind,
so much so… but I forgot; again.

Ashes of time,
beneath your smoldering remains
I danced with him
to a beat only our hearts could hear;
a sacred dance I believed to last forever.
Was the dream a lie, or was he?

All we had was brought together
on this dismal pile,
then burned;
for all eyes to see.

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