Angel Face

Angel Face

by JOSEPH BRYANT (Italian Stallion)

Amongst her soft, tender smile
A beautiful angel face is what I see
A young sophisticated woman
With plenty of dreams
That will come her way

Radiant white feathers
With the reflection of the sun
Peering through the soft white clouds
From where my angel has come to lay

Her eyes sparkling with such joy
And her walk graceful as can be
She’ll always speak her mind
With her voice so soft and free

This angel I speak of
Her name is Elisabetta
She’s been there for me
Through the good and the bad

She’s a very passionate and loving soul
And she deserves the best of the best
I’d move mountains, and even die
To give her happiness within her life

Even if it was just an ounce of happiness
I’d do it in a heartbeat for her
For she means the world to me
And seeing her happy
Makes me happy as well

© Copyright 2007 By: Italian Stallion

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